Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Urban Rajah

The Urban Rajah has blogged about me and my drawings! Check him out on Twitter too!/urbanrajah

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here is my latest offering for The Rise and Fall and definitely my most detailed and patterned yet! A labour of love, this one took me just over a week to complete but I think he's looking pretty spectacular :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lincoln Christmas Market

Myself and fellow illustrator Courtney Bordman attended last year's Christmas Market at Kind in Lincoln selling our goods and wares! Here's a few photos of my stall with some of my illustrations applied to different items like tea sets, tote bags, greetings cards and even treasure chests!

The Rise and Fall

The company that I've been lucky enough to be illustrating for these past few months is The Rise and Fall, a New York based design studio working since 2005 on creating affordable hand-crafted design.

Sleeping Fox Pillow on Urban Outfitters' website

My next design of a sleeping fox turned into a pillow on the US Urban Outfitters website. Look, there he is, snuggled away on the sofa!

Owl Pillow on Urban Outfitters' website

My owl pillow is finally on the US Urban Oufitters website! It's so exciting to see my illustrations being sold.

Lion. Rooaaaaarrr.

This is the edited version of an original lion head I did for The Rise and Fall.



This illustration came about after revising my two original bird drawings, aiming to incorporate alot more pattern into the design. This little fella here is a Great Tit, one of my favourite birds. When doing these sort of drawings, I like to take inspiration from the Reader's Digest Book of British Birds (beautifully illustrated by Raymond Ching). I'm lucky enough to use my parents 1977 copy of the book, it's a real gem.

Serco Prize for Illustration Competition entry

It's that time of year again and the Association of Illustrators (whom I interned for last year)and Transport for London have teamed up for another competition, this time based around the theme of the River Thames.


I love drawing birds so when I was asked to do some vignetted designs of

What's the time Mr Wolf?

Here's the next design that I've been working on for The Rise and Fall.

Sleeping Fox

It has been far too long since my last blog post! So I'm back again with some illustrations I've been doing for American company The Rise And Fall. They've started to stock my designs in US Urban Outfitters too, but more of that later....